Don't let your company be the victim of phishing attacks. 54% of all security breaches are a result of human error.

Data breaches in the U.S. are expected to rise. The criminals are after your critical data and they’re targeting your people to get it.  Unfortunately, end users are easy prey for cybercriminals. They are increasingly exposed to phishing schemes and ransomware attacks. People are the common denominator in most cyber intrusions, but they can be trained to recognize threats which minimizes human error.

It’s critical that your business creates and maintains its Human Firewall. With the Triad Information Security Managed Security Awareness (MSA) program, employees become a front line of defense against threats to critical business data and systems.  MSA is a subscription-based security awareness services that creates awareness through ongoing training solutions embedded into employees’ daily activities. These proven methods work to minimize human error by keeping security at the forefront while staying compliant with industry regulations or state laws.

The success of these cyber attacks relies on human error. A training and awareness program that encourages good cyber hygiene can make a big difference between becoming a victim or recognizing a phishing email when it comes in.


We train employees to be aware of the constant possibility of security threats through their email, web browsing, and random phishing. They learn to recognize the red flags in their emails such as addresses, subjects, attachments, hyperlinks, and content. With a thorough grounding in the detection of phishing attempts and recognition of suspicious emails, employees are mobilized as your first line of defense against threats to your security system.


Periodic testing using simulated phishing enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your security awareness program. Through a comprehensive program of training and testing, your employees will become increasingly proficient at recognizing and understanding the key elements of spam, phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. Hidden red flags they may have missed before will become evident after training.


Triad Information Security MSA will track inappropriate opening of emails as well as other key metrics and report to managers for updates and evaluations. Triad will continue to monitor employees and compile reports while you are a subscriber. This in-depth reporting reveals weaknesses, vulnerabilities and pain points to strengthen your security.

If organizations aren’t monitoring internal emails, they risk potential downtime, data & financial loss. Combat attacks by utilizing education with cutting-edge training methods to reduce human error. With Triad’s Managed Security Awareness program, you can choose the level that fits your security needs and your budget.

Features per Service Level

Feature Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Fully managed Phishing Tests 1 per quarter 2 per quarter 1 per month 1 per month
Administrative Management Console X X X X
Automated Security Awareness Program X X X X
Security ‘Hints & Tips’ X X X X
Training Level 1 X X X X
Automated Training Campaigns X X X X
Phish Alert Button X X X X
Active Directory Integration X X X X
Industry Benchmarking X X X X
Training Access Level II X X X
Monthly Email Exposure Check X X X
Vishing Security Test X X X
Smart Groups X X
Reporting APIs X X
Security Roles X X
Social Engineering Indicators X X
USB Drive Test X X
Crypto-Ransom Guarantee* X X
Training Access Level III X

*Terms and Conditions apply

Training Content

Training Content Level I Level II Level III
Training Modules 5 26 100
Videos (3-5 mins) 1 1 144
Posters / Images 30 30 218
Micro Modules 22 66
Compliance Modules 7 91
Games 20
Newsletters / Security One Sheets & Digests 133

If you’d like to implement this innovative security solution to protect your financial and intellectual property, contact Triad Information Security today for your free consultation.